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Search Across Multiple Countries In Advanced Search

On Nov 22, 2021 we released an enhancement to our member Advanced Search - the ability to conduct a search across multiple countries. Thank you, califax (and others), for this suggestion!

This new functionality, combined with the "save my last search" behavior already present on the Advanced Search page, means members can now easily conduct a multi-country search, their search criteria is saved, and they can return to the Advanced Search page to tweek their criteria at any time.

Please find a description of this new functionality below.

How Can I Search Across Multiple Countries?

To perform a multi-country search, you must first be registered and logged in to the site. After logging in, navigate to the Advanced Search page.

The page will look like this:

advanced search landing page

From here, click "Multi-Country Search" to see all available countries as shown here:

advanced search multi-country search

Country names are listed in alphabetical order. Click the names of the countries you want to include in your search (as well as any other criteria), scroll down, and click the 'Search' button at the bottom.

You can now also hit the Enter key on your keyboard to run your search faster.

To adjust your search, return to the Advanced Search page page. Your last criteria will be displayed to you and you can adjust it as necessary.

To focus your search to one country, click the "Single Country Search" link and make your country selection.

How Can I Send You Feedback On This Functionality?

Please use this email address to give us feedback on this new functionality or anything else about the dharmaMatch experience that you would like to see changed. Please include your member screen name in your message to us if you are experiencing difficulty with the site so we can lookup your record and see what's happening. While we cannot guarantee it will happen every time, many of the suggestions from our members do end up becoming features/changes on the site. We want to hear from you!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

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