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A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604-531 BC)

Having been around since 2004, there is a lot about dharmaMatch.com that is outdated - user-experience-wise and technology-wise.

We will be chronicling our progress to modernize the user experience of dharmaMatch here, including the eventual development of native apps. We will post a new article below every time we complete a major feature or fix.

Once we release our design update to the main site, we will update these pages to have a matching look-and-feel but, for now, we're just keeping the presentation of these pages basic, not tied to old or new site styling.

Please email us if you find something that seems off or if you have a feature request. We love to hear directly from our users!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

New Smile Email
released Feb 23, 2019

New "Profiles That May Interest You" Mailing
released Dec 09, 2018

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