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New Logo And Site Color Palette

We are happy to announce that on Nov 27, 2019 we updated the dharmamMatch logo and associated color palette of our site. In user surveys this new logo was preferred to the previous one 4-to-1. With the current site updated to reflect the new logo and color palette, we are now able to proceed to modernizing individual pages, making them faster and more mobile-optimized, while maintaining a consistent logo and site color palette between new and old pages. We also plan to use this logo and color scheme in our forthcoming native apps.

New Logo

Here is what our previous logo looked like:

old dharmamatch logo

And here is our new logo:

new dharmamatch logo

The new logo features a stylized lotus flower (often associated with dharma in Buddhism) whose petals spread out into a heart shape. We feel this graphic better symbolizes our sense of spiritual purpose - for both the kind of relationships our members find on our site, as well as our site's mission. We also find the new logo better conveys a sense of peace and tranquility - something we all want in our relationships. :)

New Site Color Palette

Previously a profile page on our site pages had this look-and-feel:

sample page using old color palette

Colors of our site have been updated to reflect colors found in the new logo, as demonstrated in the new look of a profile page here:

sample page using new color palette

Other Associated Updates

As part of this logo and color palette refresh, you will also see our logo updated in site emails and our social media profiles.

How Can I Send You Feedback On This Change?

Please use this email address to give us feedback on this logo change or anything else about the dharmaMatch.com experience that you would like to see updated. Please include your member screen name in your message to us if you are experiencing difficulty with the site so we can lookup your record and see what's happening. While we cannot guarantee it will happen every time, many of the suggestions from our members do end up becoming features/changes on the site. We want to hear from you!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

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