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New Message Email

On May 27, 2020 we updated our "new message" email. This is the email that is sent to a user every time they receive a message from another user on our site.

We upgraded it from a text-only email to a HTML email with picture of the sender (where available) and an easy button to go straight to the new message.

What Did This Email Look Like Before?

Before May 27, 2020 this was a text-only email that looked like this:

look of old smile email

What Does This Email Look Like Now?

This email now looks like this on desktop:

look of new message email on desktop

And like this on mobile:

look of new message email on mobile

It is now easier to quickly see who sent you the message and go directly to it. We also now show the screen name of the person who sent you the message in the subject line.

This email notification is only sent to those opted-in to receive notification of new messages over email. You can adjust this in Account Settings.

We also adjusted it so you will not receive an email notification if you see your new message in your inbox right away. This email notification is now sent out only if your new message goes unread for 15 minutes.

How Can I Send You Feedback On This?

Please use this email address to give us feedback on this new email or anything else about the dharmaMatch.com experience that you would like to see changed. While we cannot guarantee it will happen every time, many of the suggestions from our members do end up becoming features/changes on the site. We want to hear from you!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

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