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New Mobile-Friendly Conversation Screen - Available First To Our Beta Users

We have developed a new mobile-friendly conversation screen to deliver the following benefits to our users:

  • Be able to see messages sent & received with another user, in a single thread, on one screen
  • Make it faster & easier to see & respond to a message
  • Be mobile-first in design, since the vast majority of site access is now via smartphones

Continue reading to learn more about this new screen and how you can access it.

Starting today (Nov 08, 2023) we will be gradually directing traffic to this new screen, starting with our beta users. You can sign up for our beta program here, for early access to this and other mobile-first features. We plan to rollout this new screen to our entire audience after testing with our beta users.

What Does This New Screen Look Like & What Are Its Capabilities?

Here is what this new screen looks like:

adjust profile visibility duirng registration

Here's a highlight of its initial features:

  1. Name at the top links to the user's profile page
  2. All timestamps are based on the timezone of the person viewing the screen. Messages are grouped by day.
  3. Person who has sent the message will see "(read)" when their message has been seen by the recipient. Gold Members see a timestamp when message was seen by the recipient.
  4. URLs are automatically hyperlinked so they can be easily clicked on and navigated to
adjust profile visibility duirng registration

How Will We Be Rolling Out This New Screen?

First for beta users, we will offer the ability to open a conversation in this new mobile UI from the existing desktop inbox & outbox pages, as shown below:

adjust profile visibility duirng registration

To see this orange text, your account, as well as those you are in conversation with, need to be active.

A user chooses a name from the list and clicks 'GO'. Only members that the user has an active conversation with will appear in this dropdown.

Desktop inbox and outbox pages will cotinue to function as before.

Next, again for beta users first, we would continue the rollout of this new screen as follows:

  • Clicking on "Message This User" from a profile page takes a user to this new mobile UI
  • Clicking on "Message This User" from search results takes a user to this new mobile UI
  • Links to "View Message" from the new message notification email will go to this new mobile UI

After receiving feedback from our beta users, and cleaning up any isssues found, we would then rollout this new screen to all users.

How Can I Send You Feedback On This Functionality?

Please use this email address to give us feedback on this new functionality or anything else about the dharmaMatch.com experience that you would like to see changed. Please include your member screen name in your message to us if you are experiencing difficulty with the site so we can lookup your record and see what's happening. While we cannot guarantee it will happen every time, many of the suggestions from our members do end up becoming features/changes on the site. We want to hear from you!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

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