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"Join me on the path to enlightenment"
I am a: 39-year-old Man (Single)
Located in: Sebastopol, CA (USA)
Seeking a: Woman (20 to 45)
For: Friendship, Dating, Serious Relationship
Spirituality: Buddhist

About Me
*About Me & Who I’m Looking For*
I love women who hold spirituality and health as priorities in their lives. Are you honest, intelligent, caring, and on the path to enlightenment?

After years of sincere seeking and practicing many spiritual traditions, I now study and practice Buddhist insight meditation. Friends describe me as a steadfast friend, joyful, giving, and reliable. One friend said, “I appreciate Matthew’s sincere dedication to heartfelt communication aimed at honest connection.” I’m seeking a woman with emotional maturity who similarly appreciates compassionate communication. I exercise often and have a vegetarian diet that keeps my mind clear, so I hope to find a woman who is also active and likes to cook.

After working at startups and large corporations doing operations and finance, I now do digital asset investing and technical consulting. Through my work, I strive to earn more so I can give more to others. I’m looking for a woman who similarly values generosity.

*For Fun*
In my free time, I do yoga & cardio exercise, study Dhamma, discuss Dhamma with others, talk to friends and family, enjoy eating, and watch TV. My favorite TV & movie programs are sci-fi, fantasy, and action.

*Favorite Travel Spots*
I’ve traveled enough to no longer have a travel bug, but I do appreciate a change of scene, visiting friends, or staying at Buddhist monasteries to deepen my practice. I am open to traveling but am also content with staying local since wisdom can be developed anywhere.

I'm open to local dating or starting long-distance and seeing how things progress.
My Sign: Sagittarius
I speak: English, Spanish
Occupation: Crypto investor and technical consultant
Education: Bachelors Degree
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 11" (180 cm)
Body Type: Slender
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Length: Very Short
I live with: Live alone
Have kids: No
Want (more) children: Probably not
Willing To Relocate: Yes
Diet: Vegetarian
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Exercise: exercise regularly
How I spend my free time:
I do yoga & cardio exercise, study Dhamma (Dharma), volunteer for a Buddhist monastery, and explore new startup projects. thelovinglion@gmail.com
My Personality:
Caring, Confident, Intelligent
When out with friends, I'm usually:
Trying to be a good listener
My interests, hobbies, and pastimes include...
Computers, Movies, Television, Volunteering
The physical activities I'm interested in are:
Aerobics, Running, Swimming, Yoga (hatha)
The virtues I consider most important are...
Empathy, Kindness, Honesty
Spiritual Orientation:
I consider my spirituality...
The central focus of my life
Who I'm Looking For
I'm seeking a:
Woman (20 to 45)
4' 8" to 5' 11" (142cm to 180cm)
Body Type:
Hair Color:
She should speak:
Doesn't Matter
Annual Income:
Doesn't Matter
No, Social Drinker, Non-alcoholic beverages only
Has children:
Doesn't Matter
Wants children:
Not sure, Probably not, No
Doesn't Matter
When out with friends, she would be...
Doesn't Matter
Spiritual Orientation:
She would consider her faith or spirituality...
The central focus of her life, Very important

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