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Be Able To Report Users And Their Content

On Aug 10, 2019 we introduced the ability for users of our site to directly report other users and their content. With this new functionality, members of our community can now alert our staff of offensive or suspicious users more directly. Our customer service staff reviews all reports sent in and may reach out to reporting members for further information when determining what action to take next.

How Can I Report A User?

We introduced the following 3 ways to report a user or their content:

From A User's Profile Page

location of report link on profile page
Look for the link labeled "report this profile" in the bottom-right of a user's profile heading section.

When Viewing A User's Profile Photo

location of report link when viewing a profile photo
Look for the link labeled "report this photo" when viewing a profile photo.

When Viewing A Message From A User

location of report link when viewing a message
Look for the link labeled "report this user" in the bottom-right when viewing a message from another user.

What Do I Need To Specify When Submitting A User Report?

When reporting a user photo, all we ask for is a short description of why you are reporting the photo.

When you select to report a user, this modal is displayed:

report user modal

From this screen you are able to choose the primary reason you are reporting the user and provide some detail (up to 300 characters).

How Can I Send You Feedback On This Functionality?

Please use this email address to give us feedback on this new functionality or anything else about the dharmaMatch.com experience that you would like to see changed. Please include your member screen name in your message to us if you are experiencing difficulty with the site so we can lookup your record and see what's happening. While we cannot guarantee it will happen every time, many of the suggestions from our members do end up becoming features/changes on the site. We want to hear from you!

The dharmaMatch Product Team

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