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Our 2020 Donations

In 2019 we committed ourselves to donating a portion of site proceeds to charitable causes.

We polled our members in the fall to get their input on which organizations to support when we close the books on 2020.

Below are the results of our charitable donation member survey (that ran Oct 31 thru Dec 31, 2020) and what organizations we contributed to in Jan 2021.

Results From Our 2020 Charitable Donation Member Survey

Below is the question we posed and the responses from site members still present on our site in Jan 2021:

Which Organization(s) Should We Donate To When We Close The Books On 2020?

Donations In Jan 2021

When we closed the books on 2020 we found we were able to give nearly 67% more to charitable causes than in the year 2019 - an unprecendented year meant an unprecented amount of need and an unprecented number of organizations given to.

We made our donations according to the distribution above in Jan 2021.

Any Feedback For Us?

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